Rite4Life Weight Loss. Health and Vitality for Life

Ready for Your NEW LIFE…without the Yo-Yo?

  • Primarily burn fat & preserve muscle
  • Safe, healthy, convenient, enjoyable & affordable
  • Achieve health & vitality for life
  • Improve Skin tone and reduce cellulite
  • Professionally managed & personally experienced
  • NO shots, medications, cleanses, fads, over exercise, or point-counting

Welcome to Rite4Life

Rite 4 Life is Ideal Protein's affiliated "virtual center", making the program available to dieters that do NOT have a conveniently located, free-standing, clinic available to them.

To find the Ideal Protein affiliated clinic(s) most convenient to you, please visit www.idealprotein.com and click on the clinic locator (LOCATOR) for a list of local centers. You may then contact your clinic(s) of choice direct.

If NO convenient options are available, please continue with Rite 4 Life.

Life Changing Experience

“Dieting” Should NOT be
a Life-Long Endeavor

How it Works

Rite4Life’s proven method works with the body to naturally burn fat, preserve lean muscle, enable regeneration, and improve health and vitality.

All bodies burn fuel the same way; carbohydrates (sugars) first, and then fat and muscle, as required.

So, with 3-fuel tanks, what do you want to burn? If the answer is FAT, read on…


“After countless failed diets, my friend Michelle introduced me to Rite4Life. In just 13 weeks I lost 44lbs, saw huge improvements in my energy, skin and muscle tone; and dropped my meds… Thanks for Life”

Jean McClean - CA